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31 03 2012
keith johnson

your cars are gorgeous……! i reside in los angeles california.i am the owner of a 930 turbo.i have latley been following your cars and designs, ” awesome “.i am really intrested in your side and front fin ground effects,they really look slick and areodynamicically in tune.! where in the world can i find,and purchase them,? los angeles california is a hot spot for porsches,especially with the nice detalis i see in your cars.i truly apprecitae your presentations.please e mail me when possible. p.s. fin’s are shown in the rw993 racing ” rough rhythm ” 208cm wide ( toshi from japan ) youtube,video.thanx again,keith

16 04 2012


I do not create or produce the vehicles featured on my blog. I know how to source many of the parts, but by no means have any connections in actually producing or selling them.

The vehicles you have expressed interest in are built by RWB USA. Please google RWB Porsche and you will find a flood of search results. If you need further help, let me know, thanks!

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