11 09 2012

Finally a respectable athlete that Asian kids can look up to and aspire to be.

JLin, a winner and a champion in all aspects.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


Candy Canes

26 03 2012


Just recently picked up a pair of Jordan Retro XIV “candy canes”. It was part of a quickstrike release available in limited quantities. Buying my childhood dreams one pair at a time.

Strength & Honor

Robert Chew


2 03 2012

Jeremy Lin continues to amaze me.  Sure, his numbers and performance have been a feat in itself, but it’s his character that I find truly inspiring.  A man that could boast in his own victories on almost a daily basis, yet he almost shuns the lime light preferring to highlight his team mates instead.  Almost every chance he gets, he gives thanks to the Lord, and remains grounded.  Modest and humble…yet strong and steady, Jeremy Lin has the heart of a champion that I have yet to witness before.  May he continue to be the pillar that society needs in today’s world.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord – Colossians 3:23

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


His Airness

18 01 2012

In a recent report, Michael Jordan himself said that there is only one person he views that is worthy of being compared to him.  While some might say LeBron, Michael said it was the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant.  I remember when Kobe was first drafted into the league, people were quick to compare him to MJ.  Even though I was, and continue to be a die hard Lakers fan, I wasn’t happy with the comparison…no one is equal to Jordan in my eyes…nobody.  But over the years, I must admit, Kobe is the closest to Jordan as you can get from leadership down to the raw performance numbers.  Keep it up Kobe, bring back another ring to LA!

Past looking into the eyes of the future…

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew

Fourty Eight

11 01 2012

Hate him or love him, he’s a beast.  Best part is when the reporter asks if Kobe will be able to sustain this type of performance throughout the season, they go back and forth, and Kobe schools him.  Cocky attitude, but the guy walks the walk along with the talk.

Gold & Purple Through and Through,

Robert Chew

Mavs Take It ALL

13 06 2011

While I’m not a Mavs fan by any means, I’m a fan of Dirk as a player, and definitely a Heat hater. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the skills of LBJ and Wade as players, but no one likes a cocky team that hasn’t proven itself.  Earlier in the year, LeBron James referred to himself and his teammates as the “Heatles” because they sell out every arena on the road like the Beatles.  Sorry Heat, not this year.

Dirk Nowitzki, a well deserved championship!  In case you’re wondering what is going on in this picture, Dirk is celebrating at one of Miami’s hottest clubs with a $80,000 magnum bottle of champagne.  Savage.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew

Lakers: End Of The Road

9 05 2011

While I’m sad that the home team LA Lakers were defeated recently in the playoffs, I must admit, a part of me is happy as well.  All season long, I’ve been hoping for changes in the organization.  What changes you may ask?  Well, my biggest gripe is Andrew Bynum.  I never was a fan of the guy, he’s injury prone, and puts up inconsistent numbers for a player of his size and hype.  I’m even more of a Bynum hater after seeing this play in the 4th quarter of the last Laker playoff game against the Dallas Mavericks.

I’m tired of the, Bynum is still young and needs to develop drama.  Cut the guy and get someone proven on the court in his place.  Mitch Kupchak, we want Dwight!

Oh yea, and while you’re at it, feel free to get rid of Luke Walton and Steve Blake too!

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew