Fatty Journal: Chow Down!

6 06 2011

Been on the road a few days and just got back yesterday.  Nothing like a home cooked meal to get back settled into life off the road.  Just had a nice bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodles for lunch whipped up by my mom.  Hands down, better than any restaurant.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


Fatty Journal: Father’s Office

31 05 2011

After watching KFP2, we headed over to a spot I’ve been meaning to hit for years now.  I’ve heard endless hype about Father’s Office, and how they have good food but bad service.  Well, right off the bat, the place was living up to it’s reputation.  We rolled up, and there is no seating system, just first come first serve.  If you aren’t the assertive type, you might starve here.  We were standing by a table for a few minutes waiting for another party to finish up, and a couple tried to jack our table as we were standing literally feet away.  Not Cool.

On to the food shall we?  The menu is actually quite simple, probably no more than a 15 entree options.  Being that I had heard they made a great burger, and great sweet potato fries, I definitely wanted to try both.  The fries came out first…

I liked how the fries came in a little fry basket, I love it when places get creative with presentation.  As for the fries themselves, I’m not sure if they were THAT good, or if I was starving.  All I know is, Freddie and I shared the basket, and we KILLED IT!  We had to steal fries from the basket that my girlfriend and Kevin were sharing.  Soon after, our entrees arrived, I went with the Office Burger.

I was a little afraid I would be disappointed from all the built up hype I had heard.  But surprisingly, I really enjoyed my burger.  There was a good balance of flavors that made every bite enjoyable.  The garlic dipping sauce for the fries was pretty delicious, but I did think it was ludicrous they didn’t have ketchup.  I think that’s where a lot of these specialty places go wrong.  Sure there are certain things that I love to see changed and twisted, but some things are better left alone.  Ketchup and fries are 2 peas in a pod, it’s just not the same when one is missing from the picture.


Yuri was going to order the Office Burger too, but decided to go with the Hanger Steak in order to try something else on the menu since I was getting the burger already.  The steak was good, but it could have used a little A1.  But you guessed it, no sauces except garlic sauce available.

All in all, Father’s Office was a pleasant experience.  The company I was with, along with the beers and the food, capped off a great night.  I’m not sure if the food alone was good enough to bring me back.  There’s just too many good burger joints now days that are closer to get to, have better service, and have sauces!

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


6 04 2011

“Cali, great place to visit…” – Notorious B.I.G.

My friend and I took a recent trip out to Las Vegas to celebrate a good friends birthday.  Our first meal back after returning home to California?  In N Out of course!  5 Guys is good, but INO still has my heart.  Double double and a hamburger, both with grilled onions, raw onions and extra veggies.  Delicious!

Strength & Hunger,

Robert Chew

Pho Dac Biet

20 12 2010

Rainy days and hangovers, pho hits the spot every time.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


29 11 2010

I think the holidays are synonymous with family, laughter and being a fatty.  I’m not one to break tradition, so in true holiday spirit, I ate till I dropped this past weekend.  Mama Chew kicked off festivities with a flawless bird for Thanksgiving.

The turkey was cooked to perfection!  My parents recently got a new stove/oven, and my mom kind of cheated.  The oven had a “perfect turkey” button!

After chowing down on Turkey all night, I decided to take a break from foodfest and head over to the mall to burn some calories Friday to try and pick up a pair of Air Jordan Retro XIII Flints!  These are hands down, my absolute favorite Jordan’s of all time.  I think it had something to do with the fact that these were the hot shoes when I was in high school, only I couldn’t afford them back then.  Shout out to the Hy brothers for getting my size for me!

The next day, the girlfriend and I had to run some errands.  We kinda got a late start to the day so I wanted to grab a relatively quick lunch.  We were in the Lakewood area of town, and she suggested, “hey…how about Five Guys.”  If you haven’t heard, Five Guys is supposedly one of the closest realistic rivals against In N Out.  I know some people will say White Castle is close…but if you’ve had White Castle, you know it’s nothing to talk about.  I had heard a lot about Five Guys, but I had’t had a chance to try it yet.

First off, there are barrels of peanuts by the door, and you can scoop them up self serve style for as much as you want.  Second, they had Cherry Coke at the soda fountain.  I’m generally not a huge soda drinker, but I love Cherry Coke with a good burger…there’s just something so American about the combo.

A close up of the beast I ordered…a double patty with grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.  It’s pretty awesome cause you can customize your burger with sides, and all the sides are free!  I was so excited on the endless possibilities that I forgot to order my burger with any vegetables.

A full shot of the feast we had…the Cajun Style Fries we had were pretty jummy as well.  All in all…Five Guys was a great experience.  I can’t say it’s better than In N Out just yet…maybe cause I grew up down the street from an In N Out..but I must admit, it’s the first place I’ve had that I would even consider in the same realm.

They even print their accolades on every cup.  Pretty strong reputation nation wide.  I’d give Five Guys the thumbs up, definitely fatty approved.  Check them out if you ever get a chance, I think you might say the same.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


Fatty Journal: Sushi Eyaki

12 08 2010

After watching Get Him To The Greek, and burning calories laughing, it was feeding time.  My girlfriend suggested going to a place near her work called Sushi Eyaki.

We started off with some Edamame and split an order of the Highland Roll.  Pretty tasty stuff, the fish was very flavorful and fresh.

We then split an order of Sweet Shrimp, and I had a Spicy Tuna Handroll.  Both were again, super fresh, and they didn’t last long at all on our plates.

And to finish off the meal, we had the Fried Shrimp Heads that accompany the Sweet Shrimp order.  Just the right amount of food to hit the spot.  If you’re in the Hollywood area, and looking for a good hole in the wall sushi spot, hit Sushi Eyaki.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew

Fatty Journal: Party Burrito!

29 07 2010

Once a month we have an all day meeting at work, and usually lunch is catered via Panera Bread, or sometimes Rubios.  Today, I was talking to my coworker who arranges the food, and she said…are you ready for today’s lunch?  It’s authentic Mexican food!  (note: it’s kinda sad, even my coworkers know how happy food makes me)  So I was thinking maybe some street tacos, or tamales were going to be brought in.

A few cups of coffee got me to lunch time, and then it happened…the door opened and it looked like a Subway Party Sub was being brought in.  But upon closer inspection, it was a 10 foot party burrito!  Super intense!  I’ve never seen a burrito this big, and I had to take a picture!

Fun Fact: the burrito was actually delivered and served on a wooden plank.  The terms of the delivery were that the plank had to be returned after use, or we would be fined $10.

Stuffed & Bloated,

Robert Chew