>>HGAG: TE37 Coffee Table<<

21 11 2011

Well, it’s definitely been a minute since I’ve posted ANYTHING about my home improvement projects.  No excuses here, just been lazy to post about them!

For this installment of HGAG, I’m posting up pictures of my DIY coffee table with a TE37 twist!  Below is a picture of the unassembled coffee table as my girlfriend and I opened the boxes.  This is before we knew how much work we’d have to put in. (I say we, but really my girlfriend is the one with the patience, and she helped IMMENSELY!)

Some of you may recognize the table and say it’s from IKEA, so what’s with the DIY statement?  Well, the table I wanted only comes in white, and it doesn’t match the decor of the rest of my living room…so a complete color change was in store.  In case you’re wondering, I looked high and low for a table that would work with the dimensions I needed, but no one had anything close to the style and size I was looking for.  Furniture shopping is brutal!  I had a feeling painting the table might be a pain, but I decided to just bite the bullet and go with it.

Before: Brand new in box, white.

During: This picture can’t do the process justice, the painting ended up taking roughly 3 days.  2 coats, 2 cans of black paint, and a couple curse words later, we were ready to assemble.  Did I mention I owe my girlfriend?

After: Finally, worn out, beaten and battered, the table was put together with the crowning jewel.  A center lock, MAG TE37 off the rear of a JGTC Supra.  The wheel measures up to be 18×13, truly massive with battle scars and all.

A better daytime shot.  Shout out to Jay from JDMEGO for the dice on the valve stem.  Also, thanks to Kevin and Freddie from Autofashion for making fun of my girlfriend and I as we assembled the final pieces!

All in all, the table came out even better than I could have imagined.  Fixing up cars, to fixing up houses, I guess some people just never change.  Hopefully I’ll be less lazy and try to post up some more installments in the near future.  Hope you guys are enjoying it!

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew



Crajee Kranzes!

27 07 2011

When the new TL came out, I thought it was definitely an edgy look but I didn’t see much potential for modding.  While parts aren’t abundant for the vehicle, the handful of owners who have modded their cars, definitely do it justice!

Lips for days.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew


18 02 2011

Shout outs to my good friend Joe and the AutoFashion crew for building a beautiful GS.  Honestly, this car is flawless in person, and I’m glad it’s getting the attention it deserves!  The video is  a lot of flash, but this GS430 also has a bite, with a custom supercharger.  In case you fall in love with the car, it’s actually up for sale, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in contact with Joe directly. *Note: car does not come with the model!

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew

>>Flashback Friday<< Expose – Point Of No Return

24 12 2010

This week’s FF is dedicated to the AF fam bam, freestyle love!

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew

Fancy Groceries

15 09 2010

Toyota Camry keepin’ it classy.

Strenght & Honor,

Robert Chew

Bippu TL

13 09 2010

The current gen Acura TL isn’t exactly the first vehicle that comes to mind when you think VIP.  But with enough tweaks and modifications, this platform definitely stands out from the rest.  Contact AutoFashion at http://www.autofashionusa.com if you want more info about this vehicle.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew

Raising The Bar

14 07 2010

I don’t really have much to actually comment on the picture itself…all I can say is bananas.  My friend Steve, aka Big Steve, recently refreshed his Lexus LS400 with a full remake paint and all.  With some assistance from the guys at Autofashion USA, if you ask me, the bar has definitely been raised with this car when it comes to VIP tuning in the United States.

People in the VIP scene always say drive low and park even lower all while trying to maintain the balance of the all so critical wheel fitment.  Big Steve has definitely been able to combine all these components in an original package.  It’s good to see Steven Seagal, back at it again, breaking necks left and right.  Check out more Autofashion rides, parts and coverage at http://www.autofashionusa.com, or swing by this weekend at the upcoming SpoCom Long Beach show where Autofashion will be in attendance.

Strength & Honor,

Robert Chew